Friday, 22 April 2011

Russians discover dead alien

Hey Guys,

So you know, how it works is all aliens look like this:

Now brace yourselves at check it out, the Russians found this totally legit alien, which just happened to be lying in the snow!

Apparently his name is John, and he's come from Saturn for a holiday. Oh but wait he's dead.

... Not sure why this one got so many views people. Just not so sure... It's almost as convincing as THIS video! :D

Freakin amazing how aliens all look like ET. Amazing foresight by that film producer!



  1. I've seen the first video, and I have no idea if its fake or not, I mean the alien has veins and stuff! and its very detailed, its fuckin' creepy! lol

  2. It seemed pretty small for an alien. and it has red blood too from his missing leg.

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  4. Gotta admit they did put a lot of effort on doing that figure lol.

  5. oh god. not more of these conspiracy theories of aliens and stuff.

  6. yeha this is all over the web

  7. Lulz, you'd think they'd try to make theirs more unique looking. It would add authenticity if it wasn't a rehash of every alien movie ever.